Original Poetry

Carrion Bird

You, Vulture –
Paltry predator all dark swoop and circle
Presiding over impoverished prey.
You, Carrion Bird,
Claw at a country cracked open
Like a carcass;
Split at the ribs,
Brittle bone broken by too many beaks
And too many burdens.
You gouge out our eyeballs and eat them,
But we’ve been watching you –
Feasting on famished flesh
Knowing you can fly further afield.
Yes, you, Scavenger,
Skuttering across naked skulls,
Preening feathers when you’re full
All gluttony and greed
And get-give-me-grasping, –
And the guilt?
It was not your claws that did the killing:
Blame Lions for all the bloodshed,
Heap the horror on Hyenas,
But you, Mr. Marabou,
Do you hear?
Grim ghouls still groan in the grip of your grace.


Copyright © November 2017, Lyndsey England